We would like to introduce you a polish company BERKOS.

BERKOS key activities is the production and sale bread improvers, mixes and other baking ingredients for bakery and confectionery.

We can offer bread improvers for rolls, fancy bread mixes, improvers for rye bread and for sweet cakes. Our success base on our experience, enthusiasm and knowledge about needs and demands of our customers.

We offer finest, high quality products for very well market oriented prices, together with most professional customer service. BERKOS today operate mainly in Poland, although we have many satisfied customers abroad. We can offer not only bread improvers but also ready mixes for typical polish bread base on natural ingredients giving rare fine, old-fashion taste and look.

Basing on our mixes with the addition of water only, every baker can bake a very tasty, fine bread with a long freshness term.


1. Rolls improvers base on enzymes and emulsifiers with different dosage rate from 0,1 % till 2%.
We have improvers for craft bakeries and for full automatic systems, too.

2. Bread improvers for mixed bread like rye-wheat bread.
We can offer improvers as well as ready mixes which will give to you products touch of natural, old fashion baked product.

3. Mixes for fancy breads.
Our mixes will help you to bake a special breads and rolls. We re offering ready mixes for rye bread, mixed bread or wholemeal bread or mixes for Italian bread and rolls, potato rolls and corn rolls.

4. For special customers we offer 'tailor made product'.
We can prepare a special, innovatory or unconvential bread improver or mix made according to every bakery demand and expectations, no matter of it`s dimention.


Production and Distribution Center:

61-312 Poznan
ul. Splawie 64
tel.+ 48 61 0663 97 40
E-mail us: berkos@berkos.pl